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SHEET MUSIC & AUDIO FILESclick HERE to see current rehearsal plan and gig setlists.

Celtic/British Isles Songs – downloadable  scores, wordsheets, part recordings. Items are in a table layout – scroll right to see all items for a given song.  Current rehearsal plan and gig setlist CLICK HERE.


Soprano part

Alto part

Tenor part

Bass part

A’ Mhisg a Chuir an Nollaig Oirnn style example by Susan McKeown

A’ Mhisg a Chuir – audio mix

A’Mhisg a Chuir solfege chart

A’Mhisg a Chuir an Nollaig Oirnn wordsheet

A’ Mhisg a Chuir – sop 1

A’ Mhisg a Chuir – sop 2

A’ Mhisg a Chuir – alto melody

A’ Mhisg a Chuir – Alto melody + A2 harmony

A’ Mhisg a Chuir – tenor A’ Mhisg a Chuir – bass
Ar Hyd Y Nos – audio mix

Ar Hyd Y Nos score & words

Ar Hyd y Nos translation

Ar Hyd Y Nos – sop Ar Hyd Y Nos – alto Ar Hyd Y Nos – tenor Ar Hyd Y Nos – bass
Baidin Fheilimi words, phonetics, translation
Bring Us In Good Ale score & words Bring Us In Good Ale – sop melody Bring Us In Good Ale – alto Bring Us In Good Ale – tenor/bass Bring Us In Good Ale – tenor/bass
Calling On Song (Plain Folk) Plain Folk Plain Folk Plain Folk Plain Folk
Caravelinos score & words Caravelinos – sop melody Caravelinos – alto female T sing alto, male T sing bari Caravelinos – bari
Dúlamán lyrics & translation

Dulaman Altan performance

Dulaman – sop Dulaman – alto Dulaman – tenor Dulaman – bass
Foliada de Carramales score
Foliada de Carramales – spoken text, each line 2x, Foliada V. 3 Spoken  Foliada Sop w/percussion pattern  Foliada alto w/percussion pattern  Foliada bass w/percussion pattern  Foliada bass w/percussion pattern
Foliada de Carramales full melody V. 1-3 Foliada soprano chorus descant Foliada de Carramales full melody V. 1-3  Foliada de Carramales baritone part Foliada de Carramales baritone part
Heire Bannag words & translation
 John Barleycorn lyrics

John Barleycorn score

John Barleycorn style example (Howling Gael)

John Barleycorn-soprano John Barleycorn-alto John Barleycorn tenor-bass John Barleycorn tenor-bass
Mairi’s Wedding wordsheet

Mairi’s Wedding score

Mairi’s Wedding Text each line 2x

Mairi’s Wedding slow each line 2x

Mairi’s Wedding – sop Mairi’s Wedding – alto Mairi’s Wedding – bari Mairi’s Wedding – bari
Mo Ghile Mear  score

Mo Ghile Mear – performance example

Mo Ghile Mear sop Mo Ghile Mear alto Mo Ghile Mear tenor 2 Mo Ghile Mear bari

Mo Ghile Mear bass

My Lagan Love music file (piano)
Quand J’etais Jeune sung words
Roll the old chariot -melody

Roll the Old Chariot – words

Roll the Old Chariot soprano Roll the Old Chariot alto Roll the Old Chariot tenor Roll the Old Chariot bass
Siuil A Ruin lyrics & translation
Ye Banks and Braes


Soprano part

Alto part

Tenor part

Bass part

Archive Files for Reference


Adio Querido youtube
Africa youtube
Africa (soprano descant) music file
Africa (Alto) music file
Africa (Tenor) music file
Africa (Bass) music file
Agua de Luz sheet music
AguadeLuz large print words
Agua de Luz instrum. sheet music

Agua de Luz wordsheet 

Agua de Luz score

Agua de Luz – sop1

Agua de Luz – sop2

Agua de Luz – alto2

Agua de Luz – A2/tenor

Agua de Luz – bass w/piano

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round – melody

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round – sop

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round – alto

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round – tenor

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round – bass

Aint Gon Let Nobody Turn Me Round lyrics

Alma Llanera written trans.
Alma Llanera youtube
Aralo sheet music
As me jep teaching track
As me jep (Jarnana) music file
As me jep (Jarnana) for dance practice
Jarnana dance youtube
Ayneenee pron. track
Ayneenee music file


Beulah Land – mixed parts, sop Left, alto Right, tenor Left, bass Right – couple of choruses and verses

Bright Morning Stars music file
Brother My Way Seems Cloudy music file


Camdombe Mulato written trans.
Candombe Mulato large print words
Candombe Mulato youtube

Candombe Mulato wordsheet

Candombe Mulato score

Candombe Mulato – all

Candombe Mulato soprano

Candombe Mulato alto

Candombe Mulato tenor/bari

Cantare Wordsheet

Cantare score

Cantare soprano

Cantare alto

Cantare tenor

Cantare bass

Cantate Domino sheet music
Canto De Pilon #1 music file
Canto De Pilon #2 music file

& map

Cara de Pingo score (long)

Cara de Pingo translation

Cara de Pingo performance recording

Cara de Pingo sop

Cara de Pingo alto

Cara de Pingo tenor-bass

Caribbean Alleluia score

Caribbean Alleluia all mix

Caribbean Alleluia sop 1

Caribbean Alleluia Sop 2

Caribbean Alleluia Alto 1

Caribbean Alleluia Alto 2

Caribbean Alleluia bass/ten

Ca The Yowes – spoken text

Ca The Yowes – each line sung 2x

Ca The Yowes – melody v1-3

Chela youtube
Children Go Where I Send You sheet music
Could You Be Loved sheet music
Could You Be Loved youtube


Dana music file
Dana-key shifted music file
Daniel Saw the Stone sheet music
Daniel saw the stone large print words
Daniel Saw the Stone music file
Deportees lyrics
Deportees music file
Didebata music file
Didebata Top Voice music file
Didebata Middle Voice music file
Didebata Bottom voice music file

Djaa Song – optional to sing with Unity
Djala Ba Bindo sheet music

Djala Ba Bindo wordsheet

Djala Ba Bindo_all

Djala Ba Bindo_soprano

Djala Ba Bindo_alto

Djala Ba Bindo – T/B

Dodi Li wordsheet 
Do Te Mare sheet music
Do Te Mare music file
Dve Nevesti sheet music/lyrics


Ella’s Song sheet music
Erev Ba sheet music
Erev Shel Shoshanim music file
Es Ak’vani music file


Fa La Ra La sheet music
Fyer Fyer youtube


Garden large print words
Gijima sheet music
Gijima large print words
Give Me Birds sheet music
Golden Crown sheet music

Golden Crown words

Golden Crown score

Golden Crown – soprano 

Golden Crown – alto  

Golden Crown – tenor 

Golden Crown – bass
Gulo Chagrulo music file
Gulo Chagrulo (Topmusic file
Gulo Chagrulo (Middle) music file
Gulo Chagrulo (Bottom) music file


Hamba Ka Ncane sheet music
Hamba large print words
Hamba Ka Ncane music file
Hamba Ka Kcane video dance steps
Hamba Ka Nance run-through
Here’s a Health to the Company music file
Heyamo youtube
Hot Tamales youtube
Hugamar_Hayn music file
Hugamar Hayn pron. track
Hugamar Hayn w/ instr. music file


Igraj te nam Muzikasi pron. track
Iindonga pron. track
I Kahketi sheet music

I’ll Fly Away wordsheet

I’ll Fly Away – all parts

I’ll Fly Away – sop

I’ll Fly Away Alto Melody

I’ll Fly Away – Tenor

I’ll Fly Away – bass
In the Good Old Way video
Ishe Oluwa (Soprano) music file
Ishe Oluwa (Alto) music file
Ishe Oluwa (Tenor 1) music file
Ishe Oluwa (Tenor 2) music file
Ishe Oluwa (Bass) music file
I’ve Got to Cross That Lonely River sheet music
I’ve Got to Cross That Lonely River music file


Jamaican Junkanoo sheet music
Jamaican Junkanoo Drum sheet music
Joy Will Find a Way sheet music


KEA RONA – English Lyrics

Kea Rona Sotho lyrics/solfege map

Kea Rona lyrics/map

Kea Rona Sotho spoken words

Kea rona Sotho source recording audio Radio Freedom ANC

Kea Rona -sop music file
Kea Rona – alto music file
Kea Rona -tenor music file
Kea Rona – bass music file

Kyrie Eleyson music file


La Bamba words

La Bamba score

La Bamba village style (youtube)

La Bamba choir computer vocal slow

La BambaFull.mp3 computer audio

Ladom Se Goro Zalade sheet music
Ladum’ Izulu Yo sheet music
Lammaa Baddaa youtube

La Llorona words & map

La Llorona score

La Llorona all mix

La Llorona sop 1

La Llorona sop 2

La Llorona mezzo/A1

La Llorona alto 2

La Muralla wordsheet

La Muralla score

La Muralla – all

La Muralla Quilapayun YouTube

La Muralla – soprano

La Muralla – alto

La Muralla – tenor

La Muralla – bass
Lecha Dodi lyrics
Lecha Dodi music file
Lecha Dodi pron. track, vs 1 and 3
Lecha Dodi pron. track, vs 4, 6 and last
Letilya_Zozulya sheet music
Letilya Zozulya large print words
Letila_zozulya music file
Letila Zozulya pron. track
Lo Yisa Goy music file


Mahk Jchi sheet music
Mahk Jchi lyrics/trans.
Mahk Jchi youtube

Mairi melody key of E

Mairi descant key of E

Mairi’s Wedding bottom part key of E
Mama Dona tihom pita large print words
Many Rivers to Cross large print words
Many Rivers to Cross music file
Malo Ja, Malo Ti sheet music
Maramica nastazi large print words
Ma_viyo_viyo music file
Mary Had a Baby music file–Cockburn
Mary Had A Baby music file–River Singers
Megruli Alilo sheet music
Megruli Alilo lg print lyrics
Megruli Alilo music file
Megruli Top music file
Megruli MIDDLE music file
Megruli BASS music file
Megruli Nana sheet music
Metskhvaris Simghera video
Modimo music file
Modimo SOP music file
Modimo ALTO music file
Modimo TENOR music file
Modimo BASS music file
Moja Diridika sheet music
Mokle Khelkhvavi sheet music
Molih Ta sheet music
Moma Bega lyrics/trans.
Moma_Bega music file
moma_bega_melody music file
moma_bega_middle music file
moma_bega_bottom music file
Moratiwa waka music file

Moratiwa Waka – words & dance video

Moratiwa Waka  spoken words

Moratwiwa Waka  soprano

Moratwiwa Waka  alto

Moratwiwa Waka  tenor & bass

Moratwiwa Waka  slow alto on tricky words

Moratwiwa Waka  slow tenor on tricky words

Moratwiwa Waka slow bass on tricky words

Moratiwa Waka full choir performance Polokwane Chorale

Mongolian Pastoral Song youtube
Mongolian Pastoral Song pron. track
More Sokol Pie large print words
Mori Sej large print words
Mori Sej youtube
Mori_Sej music file
Mori Sej Sept 17 RWE rehearsal
Move Along Train sheet music
Move Along Train youtube
My Lagan Love youtube
My Lagan Love music file (piano)


Nikolo Le music file
Night Song sheet music


O_Katie Dear youtube
O_Katie Dear youtube
‘O Makalapua large print words
‘O_Makalapua music file
Oh Sing To Me of Heaven sheet music
O Sing To Me of Heaven music file
One Voice youtube
Otche Nash pron. track
Oy Davno pron. track
Ovdovjala Lisickata sheet music
Ovdovjala Lisickata music file


Parting Friends sheet music
Parting Friends music file
Parting Friends music file–Moira
Planino Pirin youtube
Prekhvrukna sheet music
Ptichka Nevelichka word sheet


Rachamana sheet music
Rachamana music file
Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain youtube
Re Dibini pron. track
Re Dibini Whole Group music file
Re Dibini Soprano music file
Re Dibini Alto music file
Re Dibini Tenor music file
Re Dibini Bass music file
Ride on King Jesus large print words
Ride On King Jesus music file
Riu Riu Chiu sheet music
Riu_riu_chiu music file
Rock of Ages sheet music
Roll Jerden youtube


S’ Firot sheet music
S’vivon music file
Sala Keba sheet music
Sazeimo Perkhuli youtube
Se Tu Sapissi music file
Shari-Shuri pron. track
Shari-Shuri performance file
Shen Khar Vehakhi sheet music
Shen-Khar-Venakhi music file
Shiloh (Alto) music file
Shiloh (Tenor) music file
Shiloh (Bass) music file
Shiru Ladonai sheet music

Shosholoza youtube (SATB parts sung in sequence, then full choir performance w/dance)

Shumayela Quartet (bass, tenor, alto, soprano parts in sequence)

Shumayela University of Cape Town audio performance

ShumayelaUCT University of Cape Town video performance

Shumayela youtube U of O choir & dancers

So Glad I’m Here large print words
Somebody youtube-vocal
Somebody youtube-instrumental

Song in your pocket wordsheet
Southbound Passenger Train youtube

Southbound Passenger Train (MEN) score

Southbound Passenger Train by the Limeliters (youtube)

Southbound Passenger Train Doc Watson (youtube)

Southbound Passenger Train – tenor 1

Southbound Passenger Train – tenor 2

Southbound Passenger Train – baritone LEAD

Southbound Passenger Train – bass

Sto Imala sheet music
Star in the East sheet music
Star in the East music file
Sumer is i cumen in large print words
Sveti Boje sheet music
Sveti Bohze_Tvoeto Tsarstvo music file
Swing Down Chariot sheet music
SYRTOS pron. guide
Syrtos Kritikos music file


The Earth sheet music
The_Earth music file
The Earth SOP music file
The Earth ALTO music file
The Earth TENOR music file
The Earth BASS music file

They’re Red Hot (WOMEN) score

Red Hot body percussion video

Red Hot body percussion video 2

Red Hot (Hot Tamales) – all parts

Red Hot (Hot Tamales) – High

Red Hot (Hot Tamales) – Mid

Red Hot (Hot Tamales) – Low
Thugamar Fein large print words
Tota Pulchra Es Maria music file

Troubled All About My Soul – sop

Troubled All About My Soul – alto

Troubled All About My Soul – tenor

Troubled All About My Soul – bass

Trouble All About My Soul Kansas City Gospel Singers youtube

Trouble All About My Soul Washed Up Beulah Band youtube

Tue Tue wordsheet
Tskhenosnuri sheet music
Tskhenosuri large print words
Tkenosnuri music file
Tvojte Oci Leno sheet music


Uzh-vy,-Golubi sheet music
Už Vy Golubi music file


Vrbice sheet music/lyrics
Vrbice_vrbo_zelena music file
Verbum Caro music file
Verbum (Sop) music file
Verbum (Alto) music file
Verbum (Tenor) music file
Verbum (Bass) music file
Victory is Mine music file


When I Rise large print words
Woke Up This Morning with My Mind Set on Freedom music file


Yankedi music file

Yankedi RWE performance
You Ain’t Hurryin’ Me sheet music
You Ain’t Hurryin’ Me youtube

You Ain’t Hurryin’ Me wordsheet

You Ain’t Hurrying Me – Dicey Doh Singers recording

you aint hurryin me – sop

you aint hurryin me – alto

you aint hurryin me – tenor

you aint hurryin me – bass

Y’varechecha sheet music
Y’varechecha – Top music file


Zarad Tebe sheet music
Zarad Tebe dance youtube
Zarad_Tebe music file
Zarad Tebe Sept 17 RWE rehearsal music file