Kitka Workshop, 2014

“We live in a small town and get to work with world class artists. We are connected to the larger Village, to the culture and humanity of the whole World.”—Jill, RWE Singer

Rogue World Music Workshops offer our singers and community members the unique opportunity to learn international folk songs and dances directly from the source. Expert singers trained in the traditional styles of South Africa, Georgia, the Ukraine, Appalachia, Cape Breton, and beyond come to our valley to share their songs, the cultural stories behind them, and the vocal techniques that make them sparkle.

These workshops offer essential training for our choral singers, helping them to capture the authentic sound and feel of multicultural music. We honor these cultural gifts by giving the songs new life in our choral performances. Workshops also allow us to extend world music education beyond our choral programs to the wider community.

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