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Community Sings!

If you love to sing and need the nourishment that group singing can provide, but may not have the time or the desire to rehearse weekly, these community sings are for you! We encourage anyone who wants to experience being IN the music, surrounded and uplifted by a community in harmony to come. You don’t have to sing everything that’s taught, or anything for that matter, if  you don’t want to. You can dance, just sing a line or two, or just breathe and feel the resonance surrounding you. Each group creates a unique experience. Bring your body, voice, heart and soul and we’ll make music happen together. Downloadable recordings are listed below.

Southbound Community Choral Sing – Tuesday, February 6th!

Join members of Rogue World Ensemble in Ashland at the Bellview Grange (1050 Tolman Creek Rd), Tuesday, January 6th 2018 at 6:30 pm for our Community Choral Sing as part of our Southbound performance series! Sing traditional songs from the southern United States, Mexico, Central & South America, and the Caribbean in lovely harmonies, and start the new year by connecting through joyful music. $10 tickets can be purchased at the door or online.

Click the titles below for a preview of Southbound songs we’ll be teaching on Tuesday, Feb. 6th.

Cantare – You’ll learn the chorus, which opens and closes this fun song, while choir members fill in the short verses.

Caribbean Alleluia – You’ll sing the first half of this song in 3-part harmony, while choir members sing the call & response section. Only one word – Alleluia!

You Ain’t Hurryin’ Me – Another fun chorus you’ll learn to sing in harmony with the choir on verses.

Agua de Luz – You’ll join the choir on the sublime “limpia, limpia, calma, calma” section in 4-part harmony.

Cara de Pingo – You’ll learn some fun words and a driving rhythm in the refrain of this song, sung in the indigenous Purépecha language of Mexico.

Golden Crown We’ll raise the roof together in harmony on the chorus of this rousing gospel song!

Ise Oluwa – We’ll close with beautiful harmony in a song of timeless beauty from Nigeria, signifying the West African influence on much of the Southlands region.

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