Building Community and Cultural Connections

Mission: To create cultural connection through the celebration and experience of world music, inviting people of all backgrounds to build community.

Vision: The Ashland World Music Festival is a celebration of life, music, cultural diversity, and our community. AWMF is a place where people can express themselves and connect with each other through global music traditions.

Producing Organizations

Co-produced by Rogue World Music and the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission, the Ashland World Music Festival is a natural partnership for two organizations that share a commitment to enhance our community with recreational and cultural arts opportunities. Together, we’re strengthening cultural connections and celebrating artistic expression in the heart of our community with the Festival’s main event in beautiful Lithia Park. With sponsor support, this public-private partnership is bringing the world closer to home, and having fun doing it!

2019 Partner Organization

We seek to amplify the positive in our community by showcasing a partnership with a nonprofit organization each festival year. This year, for the 2019 Festival, we’ve partnered with ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum. Their commitment to inspiring creativity and innovation is a fabulous contribution to our community. The current main exhibit Wild Music (Feb 2nd – Sept 2nd) explores sound and music found in nature and in life. Discover the roots of music in cultures from around the globe at ScienceWorks, and enjoy some of music’s many cultural branches at the Ashland World Music Festival.