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Board Member

Elizabeth has devoted much of her life to service, the arts, and deep exploration into the spiritual and cultural traditions of the world. A dancer from a young age, she has danced ballroom, ballet, Contra, folk, Irish, square, Native American, salsa, African, and Middle Eastern styles, and has explored into the mythology, arts and traditions of many world cultures, particularly Native American, Celtic, European, and Indian. A self-taught artist and interior designer, she has worked occasionally as a scenic painter for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Elizabeth has volunteered with various social service and spiritual organizations since her youth, and was an active mom and school volunteer. For six years, she was an event coordinator and production manager for the prestigious Omega Institute. Currently, she is an Ashland Elk and serves on the board of the Ashland Folk Music Club as well as RWM.


Founder & President

Megan hails from a musical family and grew up singing American folk styles alongside her father. When she joined the Vermont-based world music chorus The River Singers, she fell in love with the exotic sound and authentic spirit of traditional world music. Inspired to share her passion with her new community on the West coast, Megan founded her own world music chorus, the Rogue World Ensemble, in 2009. Her vision for the choir soon grew into a full-fledged nonprofit folk arts organization that would support traditional world music through a range of sponsored performances and educational programs. Through Rogue World Music, she hopes to bring music back to its community roots and the community back to its musical roots. Megan also sings in the world music vocal trio Wild Honey.


Board Secretary

Sophia grew up with a “magical musical mother” (pianist and Phd in voice) and participated in choirs, musical theater and voice lessons throughout high school.  After going off to college, though, she didn’t sing again for many years. It wasn’t until she attended an RWE concert in Lithia Park that Sophia was suddenly inspired to start singing again. Having grown up with Gaelic folk songs and French art songs, the joy of singing in foreign languages ran deep, and the obvious joy of the choir members drew her in. She has been singing with RWE since 2012. In her working life, Sophia is an expert book restorationist with her own company, Save Your Books. In addition to this passion, she helps her realtor husband run TEN Realty Group as the Communications Coordinator.

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